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Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera (DSLR)

December 1, 2007

Lifehacker has published a two-part article on everything you need to know to start using your new digital SLR camera effectively. Among the lessons are the proper use of the flash, which ISO mode to use and when, maintaining proper white balance, controlling shutter speed and aperture size, composition, and the proper use of priority modes.

3G iPhone with UMTS and HSDPA Coming in 2008

November 29, 2007

According to a story out today, the CEO of AT&T has said that the 3G iPhone with UMTS and HSDPA broadband data rates will be available next year. Speculation is that it will be priced at $599 and come with 16GB of flash memory.

2008 Digital Camera Buyers Guide

November 28, 2007

Anandtech has published their digital camera buyers guide for 2008. They have dubbed it the Year of the DSLR, because digital SLR cameras are getting better, faster, and cheaper. Among the cameras reviewed: Canon 5D, Olympus E-510, Canon 1Ds Mark III, Sony A700, Canon EOS 40D, Nikon D300, Olympus E-3, Nikon D40X, Olympus E-410, Olympus E-510, Pentax K10D, and Canon Rebel XTi.

How To Create Viral Videos

November 26, 2007

TechCrunch has published two articles explaining exactly the steps needed to create viral YouTube or other internet videos. Viral videos are videos that people forward to other people because they find them so entertaining or interesting. Viral videos can be an excellent and low-cost online marketing platform for the right types of companies.

Nokia N810 First Impressions

November 25, 2007

Ars Technica has posted an unboxing and first impressions of the new Nokia N810 internet tablet device. The reviewer was very impressed with the device, stating that the device is smaller than the N800, and has more features, including built-in GPS, the new NS2008 operating system, better performance, improved battery life, and more applications, including Skype.

Windows Vista SP1 Performance Reviwed

November 23, 2007

EXO Performance Network researchers claimed that after the series of benchmark tests it was concluded that Vista Service Pack 1 will not significantly improve the performance.

According to Exo-Blog:
"After extensive testing of both RTM and SP1-patched versions of Windows Vista, it seems clear that the hoped-for performance fixes that Microsoft has been hinting at never materialized. Vista SP1 is no faster than Vista from the RTM image."

Beowulf 3D Projection Technology Compared: Dolby 3D vs. Imax 3D vs. Real D

November 23, 2007

A reviewer from CNET compared three different 3D projection technologies used for showing the movie Beowulf. For the first time, viewers had a choice not only of watching with the film in Imax 3D and Real D projection technology, but also in the newcomer Dolby 3D format. Based on the review, it appears that Dolby 3D technology came out significantly ahead of the other two 3D projection formats.

According to the review: "Dolby's technology gave a sharp image that showed every beard bristle, the colors were relatively rich, flicker from moving objects was nonexistent, but most significantly, the sense of depth was strong. Even the subtle differences between a character's facial features were perceptible, and group shots with a host of characters showed as true depth, not as a number of gradually more distant two-dimensional layers. I was truly impressed."

Running Windows Applications On Linux

November 23, 2007

The founder of MP3.com, Michael Robertson, came up with the solution how to make Windows software run on top of Linux. Robertson's solution is a new Linux distribution that will run all Windows applications as they would run on Windows 98, NT and XP. Robertson said that Windows users "have a big investment in Windows software and don't want to leave it behind. With Lindows OS, they won't have to. You can install the Windows software and it behaves exactly as it would on their Windows machine."

Fujitsu's New Lifebook S6510 Is Now One Pound Lighter

November 23, 2007

The LifeBook S6510 by Fujitsu was released on Wednesday. It's a 4-pound version of its 14-inch LifeBook which is one pound lighter then the normal 5-pound weight. The new LifeBook is designed with thinner and lighter components and underscores the growing preference toward lighter laptops across all categories.

Dell Will Sell Servers with Solaris Operating System

November 23, 2007

Dell announced last week that it would sell and support servers with Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris operating system. This type of alliance between Dell and Sun will expand hardware choices for Solaris and the buyer.

Windows XP Contains Random Number Generator Security Bug

November 22, 2007

Microsoft officials confirmed late Tuesday that Windows XP contains a significant random number generator bug.

According to Computerworld:
"The researchers, Benny Pinkas from the University of Haifa and two Hebrew University graduate students, Zvi Gutterman and Leo Dorrendorf, reverse-engineered the algorithm used by Windows 2000's pseudo-random number generator (PRNG), then used that knowledge to pick apart the operating system's encryption. Attackers could exploit a weakness in the PRNG, said Pinkas and his colleagues, to predict encryption keys that would be created in the future as well as reveal the keys that had been generated in the past."

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader Is On Sale

November 22, 2007

The Kindle eBook reader from Amazon.com is on sale now. It is a "sleek, thin electronic reader that connects wirelessly to the Internet at broadband speeds and allows users to download e-books, or subscribe to magazines and blogs directly from Amazon.com. Unlike the Sony e-book reader, it does not ever need to be hooked up to a PC."

Samsung BlackJack II Available on Black Friday

November 22, 2007

According to Crave, the newest Samsung Blackjack, the BlackJack II, will be available for sale on tomorrow.

Crave.CNET.com writes:
"The newest edition of the Samsung BlackJack officially will become available on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The Samsung BlackJack II for AT&T sports a revamped design that comes in two color schemes: black or burgundy. Improvements include a larger display and more shortcut buttons while a front jog wheel replaces the side-mounted scroll wheel. On the feature front, the BlackJack II offers everything we saw on its predecessor but adds integrated GPS and support for AT&T Video Share. Only the black version will go on sale this Friday, November 23. You'll have to wait until December 6 to snag the burgundy model. Both are $149 with a two-year contract."

Hands-On Review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

November 6, 2006

Kotaku.com has published a hands-on review of the new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess game for the new Nintendo Wii console. The review features many screenshots of the game, and describes gameplay in detail.

Guide to Identity Theft Prevention

October 17, 2006

YourCreditAdvisor just published an excellent guide to preventing identity theft from happening to you. The guide details which information can be given out freely, which information has medium sensitivity, and which information has high sensitivity. In addition there are many useful tips for preventing your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Review of Mandriva Linux 2007

October 16, 2006

Linux Forums just published a review of the Mandriva 2007 commercial distribution of Linux. The review is quite thorough and includes a number of screenshots showing the various unique features of Mandriva 2007. Among the new features are a better installer, 3D desktop effects, multimedia acceleration, and better package management and configuration tools.

Review of Three Free Anti-Virus Software Packages for Windows

October 16, 2006

Softpedia has published a review of the three most popular free anti-virus software packages for Windows. They include Avira's AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic 7, Grisoft's AVG Free Edition 7, and Avast! Home Edition 4.7. The review features dozens of screenshots depicting all the functions of each software package.

Samsung Unveils X820, D830, D900 - Thinnest Cell Phones Ever

June 26, 2006

At 6.9mm, the Samsung X820, also called the Ultra Edition 6.9, is the thinnest cell phone on the market. Among the features are a 2 megapixel camera and an MP3 music player. The two other announced phones, the D830 and the D900 are also extremely thin. The D900 even has a 3 megapixel camera.

Creating Podcasts Using Open Source Software

June 26, 2006

An article over at Linux Dev Center explains how to create podcasts with nothing but open source tools like Audacity and Ardour. You can then use sites like ourmedia.org to distribute your podcasts.

Sony Music CDs Installing Rootkits

November 2, 2005

According to an investigative article at SysInternals.com, Sony music CDs using digital rights management (DRM) features contain a rootkit that installs silently in your Windows operating system when you play the CD on your computer. Rootkits hide themselves from software used to scan for viruses and spyware, and may be programmed to intercept keystrokes and other personal information on a user's PC.
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